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Hockomock Swamp -"Devil Swamp"

History Described by Wikipedia


The Hockomock Swamp is a vast wetland encompassing much of the northern part of southeastern Massachusetts. This 6,000-acre land is considered the second largest wetland in the state. It acts as a natural flood control mechanism for the region.


History: Centuries ago, the Hockomock Swamp played as a major role for such native inhabitants of the region such as the Wampanoag. It was used as a fortress by the natives against invasion of early white settlers in Colonial America. It significantly played a role in King Philip's War as a strategic base of operations for Metacomet, also known as "King Philip" to launch Indian assaults upon nearby settlements in the region.
During the 18th and 19th century, early Anglo-Saxon settlers in the local region felt that the swamp was worthless barren land that could be converted into profitable farmland. This was made aware to the surrounding communities by Benjamin Drake of Easton and also later William L. Chaffin.
Although, the native inhabitants of the region didn't feel the same way as did early colonial settlers. For centuries, these Indians greatly relied on hunting game from the swamp, all so much that they worshipped its presence in the area. They named it Hockomock Swamp meaning "Place Where Spirits Dwell;" therefore embracing its resources and fearing superstitions and stories that become associated with the swamp over time.
There are many stories, myths, and local legends that became associated with this massive swamp. In modern times, it has remained a place of mystery, fear, and stories. It does to this day distill a sense of frightfulness and uneasiness with individuals of a curious nature. Ever so more, believers of the swamp's spirits, superstitious nature, and paranormal phenomena, came to nicknaming the swamp and all its content as the "Bridgewater Triangle".


The Paranormal: Cape And Islands Paranormal Research Society has conducted numerous visits to this location. The ledged written about the paranormal activity is the following:



   Low Flying UFO's

   Bigfoot Type Creatures

   Snakes (Size of a Stove Pipe)

   Red Eyed Dogs ("Demon" Dogs)


   Numerous Forms of Apparitions (Native American to Everyday People)


  Giant Birds "Thunder Birds"



CAIPRS Findings: The team has been to the Hockomock Swamp over 20 Times. On one of these trips CAIPRS members camped inside the swamp. On the investigation of the swamp on that night in August 2003 they found nothing paranormal. The only strange thing they discovered is how cold the swamp got. On that day the readings were 85-92 degrees the next morning the temperature had dropped to 40 degrees. This is very uncommon in New England in August, especially with the temperatures the day before and later that afternoon. The temperatures late the next day reach 90 degrees.


Conclusion:  Inconclusive

The team saw and heard many things that evening. They saw the flight patterns of many airports (T.F. Green, Logan, and numerous local ones. There were 3 distinctive flight patterns that fly over the Routes 495, 44, 140, 28. They also saw what looked like an iridescent mouth when the flashlights hit it. It "glowed" red as it flew across the "Old Railroad". We had a person at base camp that experienced hearing hooves, flapping in low brush and something like a (coyote) running. The time of the events were 1AM.


We have mentioned we have been to the swamp many of times. We have yet to run into anything that would be classified as paranormal.


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