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Cape Cod is one of the most haunted regions in New England it also is home to some of the strangest tales. With over 400 years of history and  the most vacation hot spots it is teaming with paranormal events on land, on the ocean and also in the sky. These pages will allow you to take a virtual paranormal tour of this place we call Cape Cod.


Cemeteries of Cape Cod

If interested in cemeteries we suggest that you stop and check out some of the oldest cemeteries in America. Cape Cod is rich in history as well as ghost lore. Cape And Islands Paranormal Research Society would like to invite you to visit some of Cape Cod's greatest cemeteries. We have investigated a few of the cemeteries and have found some of the most unusual headstones

Haunted Cape Cod

If ghosts are your thing then why not check out hauntings on Cape Cod. Steeped in history Cape Cod offers some of the best haunted stories and places to visit while on the cape. This page is for locals and visitors alike find what locations hold a haunted past.

Cape Cod's Sky's

Look into the sky what do you? Cape Cod has vast accounts of objects in the sky that witnesses could not identify. With a flights taken off to Boston, Rhode Island and the islands people have witnessed things in the sky that did not resemble an airplane.

Just Strange

There are accounts of unexplainable events that have happened on Cape Cod. Witnesses of these accounts can not explain what they saw. Cape And Islands Paranormal Research Society has classified these a "Just Strange"








First Hand Stories

This page are from people who have written Cape And Islands Paranormal Research Society with events that have happened to them. These stories take place in the past and present.

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